Services, offered by integral
The range of services, integral is able to offer can be clustered in:

The huge number of references and implemented projects enables Integral to secure a successful implementation of logistics projects by its methods and planning tools. The integral interims management enlarges the scope of services for logistics.

Strategy and Potentials

From vision to success. Consulting for strategic logistics

Strategic consulting for logistics by integral means a total view of organizational structures in the supply chain – from the source of procurement to the delivery to the end-customer, the complete supply chain processes under the influence of the competitive environment.

Our core functions in consulting are:
Logistics network
Potential analysis
Plant development
Procurement logistics
Organizational structure

Solution and Engineering

Methods and concepts. Planning of logistics systems

Every single project needs an individual approach and perspective: a perfect planning strategy, based on proven methods and new concepts guarantees a successful project implementation
The goal-oriented approach of integral results in shorter realization times, lower planning costs and more efficient systems

integral offers solutions for:
concepts & systems
detailed planning & tender management
implementation management
IT structures & warehouse management systems
Process design
Outsourcing project tender management and evaluation
General Planning

Operation and Management

Deep organizational changes cannot be realized from one day to another. They need a structured development process, gathering experience, resulting in continuous improvement.
Integral manages this process and covers all issues with clear and transparent support.

Based on the impressive experience and the knowledge of our consultants, integral has developed methods and concepts:
Project management
Implementation management
Relocation planning
Change Management
Green Logistics
Technical Due Dilligence
Continuous Improvement Process and Lean Warehousing

General Planning

Logistics leads the planning process

The world of logistics is characterized by continuous change. Changing customer requirements, higher service levels and the individualization of services pose new challenges. These canonly be metby focused solutions for the logistics concept. The design and the layout of the building are the core factors for a successful project.

The logistics defines the requirements for the facility:

To meet these divergent goals, integral developed the approach of integrative general planning.
This approach gives the logistics management the leading role in the project to ensure a function-oriented facility planning. The bulding concept is based on logistics planning and vice versa – so an effective solution gets possible.
For the Realization and the management of these complete projects integral has developed a four-phase-model:

Phase 1: Integrated concept
This phase is characterized by data collection and analysis. All data will be verified with respect to logistics and the architectonic relevance. The result is the system concept with a first layout of the facility linked to the logistics functions – to fit the company structure and culture. Intensive workshops and brainstorming sessions with the customer are the core activities to reach this aligned concept.

Phase 2: integrated layout and approval process
After the phase of concept building, integral develops the detailed planning of the final layout versions. Based on logistics requirements the final facility concept is created – the integrated approach.
The lean project organization guarantees a fast and aligned step-by-step development – from financial topics to the necessary milestone planning. After the customer signs off the building concept, integral starts the official administrative approval process.

Phase 3: tender process and contract assignment
After the approval process, integral manages the tender process for all individual trades – building, externals, equipment and IT. This procedure guarantees an integrated management of all parts. By its deep knowledge of the project, integral can support the customer in all major decisions and contractual negotiations.

Phase 4: Implementation management
During the implementation, integral manages all different deliverables/trades to secure the tendered products and services.

This model ensures the following advantages to the customer:
• Own decision for a planning partner
• Direct influence by special planning partners
• Direct access to all relevant items of the planning process
• Avoiding interfaces between partners by managing the complete process

The result of selecting an experienced planning team with clear responsibilities is a structured project process. This guarantees to reach the customer goals:

• Always a valid and complete planning information
• Efficient execution of the project
• Short evaluation and planning time
• Fixed budgets

integral can refer to a large know how because of its extensive experience in logistics planning, realization and implementation of logistics systems. Together with a proven team of experts in architecture, structural analysis, information technology and other special areas, integral offers the complete range of planning services in logistics.