Integral – short introduction
Founded in 2003 in Dortmund, integral supports customers in retail industry, logistics service providers and the manufacturing industries in supply chain execution. Our services cover the complete range from strategic consultancy to implementation of complex logistics projects.

The focus of this consulting approach is the design of processes, of technical equipment and the controlling IT systems.

Strategic consulting in logistics covers all structural organizational units of the complete supply chain under the restrictions of the competitive environment of our customers. Thereby the complexity of strategic elements is reduced and the advantage of new flexibility is created.

The structured method of integral’s project management is able to shorten implementation time, to cut planning costs and create more efficient logistics systems. integral delivers clarity and transparency in your supply chain by the efficient combination of consulting, conceptual design and IT implementation.
The use of state-of-the-art technologies connected to modern IT systems enables our customers to set market trends. The new market leadership in quality and cost transparency guarantees a long-term company success.

The phases of implementation in your logistics projects is supported by integral by professional project management. Controlluing and managing thousands of single decision, the goal is always to secure the strategic project targets and at the same time to enable the logistics system to adapt to future requirements.

Our methodology is based on a holistic and process oriented approach and is combined with a strategic and technological consulting. This guarantees a scalable solution for our customers.

Company history

The original birthday of integral has been in 1964. The employees of integral refer since this time by their long lasting experience in logistics systems to a high sophisticated knowledge and a clear vision on logistics planning.

2008 foundation of integral interim management GmbH & Co. KG

2003 integral re-foundation in Dortmund.
By its long lasting tradition, integral logistics combines consulting,
planning and implementation to complex solutions.

1989 integration of integral into agiplan

1964 foundation of integral by the pioneer of industrial planning,
Uwe Kastl. He realized as one of the first logistics specialists;
that it is necessary to integrate all logistics services – from strategic
consultancy up to final implementation – under one roof in a single source responsibility.