integral is the expert for all questions of supply chain management and logistics. We develop strategies and realize them in concrete planning projects. Integral conduct your realization of a project and support in all relevant parts of your implementation.

integral offers to you – during or after a successful implementation a professional interims manager to secure the ramp-up phase or to stabilize existing business performance.

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An efficient logistics means competitive advantages and creates deep customer relationships. Especially the holistic approach in a process oriented thinking – the supply chain management – allows to differentiate in the competition and can realize new potentials.
The main influence criteria of future logistics scenarios are the development of our society towards a service oriented community, the increase of process orientation in all organizations and finally the increasing speed of development of our information and communication systems.
All planning methodologies of logistics systems have to follow these social challenges.
A deeper influence of all logistics processes with innovative IT and communication systems requires a complex view between material flow and managing information systems.
During the last 30 years the logistics has changed from a operations and task oriented function to a holistic, process oriented management concept and instrument.